Mabel Gold Property
Northern Sonora State Mexico (Au, Ag)

The Mabel property consisting of Mabel and Dana claims is located Northern Sonora, México about 60 kilometres west southwest of Nogales and about 40km south of the town of Sasabe on the Arizona-Sonora border. Pacific Comox has fulfilled the terms of the 2002 Option Agreement and now owns the claims subject to an NSR in favour of the Vendors which rises from a minimum of 3% to 4% when gold is over $400 per ounce.

Location, Access, Topography, Vegetation
The property can be accessed from the east and west by approximately 15 kilometers of government maintained dirt roads. Located about 12 kilometers to the east is the town of Saric which has a number of services, including electrical, medical, etc. The majority of the concession has relatively good road access. The claims are located within the area covered by the 1:50,000 Saric topographical map (H12A48) and the 1:250,000 Nogales (H12-2) geologic map.

The lower portions of the area are situated at an elevation of approximately 900 meters above sea level and topography is characterized by gently rolling hills with elevations varying from 1,000 meters to 1,100 meters except in the northern part where Cerro El Somberetillo reaches a maximum elevation of approximately 1,350 meters. Vegetation in the area consists of several varieties of cactus including the saguaro, some mesquite trees, ocotillo and seasonal grasses.

The climate is a typical semi-arid Sonoran desert climate - temperate with cool winters and hot summers. Rainfall is erratic and is in the form of sudden and violent thunder storms occurring mainly during the summer monsoon season.

The Property
The Mabel 1 concession (E-82/28018-609Ha) was staked by Comox and borders Mabel (Title-190649 - 424Ha) to the south, southwest and southeast. The Mabel Concession is subject to a purchase agreement. PCR has negotiated a deal with Abraham Nasser, Mabel Lamadrid de Nasser, Norman E. Dausinger, Jr. and Maria Loreto de la Luz Gutierrez de Dausinger, owners of the Mabel claim and residents of Tucson, Arizona. PCR can earn a 100% interest in the property by making cash payments totaling $386,000.00(US), issuing 3.5 million shares and completing work commitments of $2,275,00.00 (US) over five years. The vendors retain a 3% NSR of which PCR has the option to purchase 1.5% for $4,500,000 (US).
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