Mabel Gold Property History

Little is known of early work on the property. Some previous work on the property consisted of modest silica flux mining reported to have a 2 to 6g/t Au and 30 to 1240 g/t Ag credits. Placer mining in the general area dates back to Spanish Colonial times and sporadic efforts continue to the present.

More recently Minera Teck (Teck-Cominco Ltd.) studied the area on a regional basis and, in mid-1995, filed a claim around the Mabel claim. Teck completed surface sampling with positive results in 1999-2000 but elected not to option the property despite recommendations for acquisition by staff geologists who concluded that the core of the gold system lay within the Mabel claim. Teck has since dropped their land holdings in the area.

Newmont did some work on the property and the adjacent district and took about 60 samples in the area with “encouraging” results.

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Mabel Property

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