2002 News Releases

December 20, 2002
Comox Received C$380,000 In Settlement From Papex. Comox and Papex agreed to settle C$424,000 owed to Comox for C$380,000.

December 11, 2002
Financing Of C$165,000 Completed. Financing of C$165,000 completed through number of private placements. $100,000 from units at C$0.05/unit and $65,000 from units at C$0.10/unit.

December 2, 2002
Roger Scammell Appointed To Board Of Directors. Terrence Podolsky resigned from Board of Directors, and Roger Scammell appointed to the Board.

September 12, 2002
James Janzen Appointed To Board Of Directors And President. James Janzen appointed to Board of Directors and President and the TSX Venture Exchange approved the Issuance of 2,244,680 common shares at deemed price of C$0.10 per share to settle C$224,468 in outstanding debt.

June 27, 2002
Pacific Comox Submits Corporate Reactivation Plan To Tsx Exchange. The proposed reactivation plan (which is subject to regulatory approval) includes Mr. James Janzen becoming President of Pacific Comox, acquisition of gold/silver property in Mexico, exchange of shares for Company’s outstanding debt and completing C$200,000 financing
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